Welcome to Adornation!

Welcome to Adornation, the culmination of all things fashion, makeup and accessories. For the longest time I’ve had a distinct passion for each of these topics as well as writing and it has finally come to fruition by starting this space which will serve as my own contribution to the blogosphere! If you would like to find out more about me or contact me feel free to check out the About Page.

Getting right down to business with my first official post by opening with the late Elizabeth Taylor’s collection of belongings. The excitement and buzz that the Elizabeth Taylor auction at Christie’s has amassed is to be expected, with hundreds of items up for auction with the jewellery collection valued at $150 million alone. Below are some of my favorite pieces, click to browse or join the online auctioning of the legendary star’s belongings.


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2 responses to “Welcome to Adornation!”

  1. Belinda Maria Gonzalez says :

    Wow Fantastic! Well done Darling Love it x

  2. Adrianna says :

    Thank you! Stay tuned for more! xxx

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