Brighten Up Your Day

“I’m singing in the rain…” ok so I’m sure we’ve all heard this song and I for one have always wondered why would anyone be that happy when its pouring out? I absolutely love summer so I dedicated today’s post to help shed some light on a fun way of bringing some sunshine to your day even when its cold, dreary and just terrible out.

The answer is to add a colorful, fun or maybe quirky umbrella to your repertoire, these umbrellas are rather fantastic and are sure to put you in a better mood. I recently found a great umbrella, not only is it automatic but its also colorful and believe it or not it does make a difference. Check out some I found online and snag yours now before the winter really sets in or maybe give it to someone for a Christmas gift.

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by Chihuly’s glass masterpieces, or look up to see white fluffy clouds?

My Umbrella: Aqua Floral Auto Umbrella – $6 (sale!)

1. Galleria Sunflower Bloom Stick Umbrella – $25.00

2. Sock Monkey Umbrella – $15.95

3. Galleria Big Flower Auto Open Stick Umbrella – $25.00

4. Galleria Hautman Brothers “Butterflies” Auto Mini Umbrella – $31.95

5. MoMA Butterfly Umbrella – $30

6. MoMA Sky Umbrella – $35

7. Totes Bordeaux Bamboo Ruffle Stick Umbrella – $30

8. Galleria Sky Road Kid’s Umbrella – $16.99

9. Chihuly Pergola Stick Umbrella – $34.00


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5 responses to “Brighten Up Your Day”

  1. trinabaker says :

    I really LOVE the sock monkey umbrella. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Michael says :

    I really like these! #1 makes it look like you’re holding a giant flower to protect you from the rain 😀

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