Owl Obsession

Today is my last post before I head to Germany for the holidays, I will attempt to update while there and share some of my adventures however meanwhile on to the next post:

Okay so is it just me or is there a current “Owl Obsession” trend going on lately? Seems whenever I go window shopping or browse stores online the cute little things keep popping up! Overall I think owls are beautiful creatures, they have unique proportions and are absolutely adorable especially during their infant stage! (lets face it most animals are cute, fluffy and cuddly when they are that young πŸ˜‰ Take a quick look at the video below to see my point.

Check out the owl craze at Urban Outfitters that I encountered the other day:

In order to further prove my suspicions of the owl mania we are living in, I figured I’d select some items I thought were unique and share! Hope you enjoy my selections!

Mini Owl Figure USB Drive – $35
Kate Spade Owl Coin Purse$95 (Sold Out Sorry!)

Owl Earflap Hat, Diaper Cover Newborn Size – $45
Gold Sugar Owl Screen Printed Black Tote Bag – $16

Crochet Owl RugCurrently Sold Out (could contact seller)
The Owl of Ring$16

Owl Clean Show Curtain Rings $14.99
Owl Towel Ring
– $24

2012 Illustrated Owl Calendar $21
Owl Earring Holder

Custom Mini Plush Owl Toy– $11
Little Owl Fingerless Gloves


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6 responses to “Owl Obsession”

  1. Larie (@eyeheartit) says :

    Adorable! I also love owls πŸ˜€

  2. Dara says :

    I haven’t notice the trend here yet, but I’m sure if you seen it then it will get here to NY soon. they are sooo adorable though

  3. Frances says :

    Re-posting onto Facebook! I always look forward to reading your posts: on fashion, movies, and everything! And I don’t even consider myself that much of a fashionista ahh… but now I keep an eye out for glitter, owls, and movie-inspired looks twice as much as I did before~ β™₯

    • Adrianna says :

      Thanks so much Frances! Means a lot, glad I’ve provided some source of inspiration. Happy New Year btw!

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