Andrej Pejic: Poster Boy For Fashion Androgyny

Versatility is an essential component that any serious model must possess. The ability to adapt, evolve and ultimately personify an idea is key to making a name for oneself in the fashion industry. However what happens when you transcend this very definition?

Introducing Andrej Pejic, the latest sensation to push the limits of fashion and blur the line between the sexes. Born 1991 in Bosnia, Pejic is one year shy of his 21st birthday and has already hit major milestones in his budding career as a male model who models both men’s and women’s fashion.

His androgynous features have made him the ideal poster boy for fashion androgyny as well as being acknowledged as one of OUT Magazine’s 100 Most Compelling People of 2011.

When I first discovered Pejic, it was hard to not do a double take, he has a sense of natural beauty and a range of distinctive features that really make him unique and simply put, beautiful. His physical appearance and androgynous features allow him to forcefully push the boundaries of fashion and social acceptance. Check out a few examples of his work below, including one where he is channeling Marilyn Monroe.


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6 responses to “Andrej Pejic: Poster Boy For Fashion Androgyny”

  1. Jennifer says :

    I find it fascinating that he is able to transcend gender and the representation of him as a woman is amazing! Jen xoxo

  2. Alex says :

    I’m pretty sure that last dress was worn by Rhianna for an award show and she didn’t not look nearly as good as Andrej, she rocked it.

  3. styleonthecouch says :

    Andre did an amazing campaign for Chris Benz. I love how this model is redefining gender stereotypes in his modelling work.

  4. janz says :

    i want to be androgynous model too!!..<3

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