Spruce Up Your Skin

Dry brushing your skin promotes the stimulation of the skin’s renewal process and is a preventative measure against dry skin and acts as an exfoliation that produces smooth, glowing skin as well as other additional benefits. Lately I have been reading about this popular method that is said to rejuvenate, invigorate and support the skin as well as the lymphatic system. Years ago I engaged in dry brushing but never really dedicated myself to a regime, this time and with the encouragement of what I have been reading I decided to put this to the test (for real this time) for the following reasons:

1. Smoother, softer skin.
2. Simple, inexpensive and a time efficient approach to healthier skin.
3. Stated to stimulates the lymphatic system.
4. It combats ingrown hairs.
5. It sloughs off dead skin.
6. Its a rewarding sensation.

How to get started on Dry Brushing!

1. Purchase a natural, NOT a synthetic, bristle brush. (vegetable bristle). I purchased one from Amazon that came highly recommended and the best part was that it was extremely inexpensive and beyond reasonable! It also comes with a long handle which allows you to reach all areas with no difficulty whatsoever.

2. Brush your skin daily, first thing in the morning is recommended as it seems to “wake up” your skin also keep in mind like any new regime it will take about 30 days to see and experience results.

3. Skin brushing should be performed prior to your bath/shower on your entire body ensuring that your skin is dry to begin with, do not wet your skin or the brush.

4. Begin brushing with long sweeping strokes beginning from the bottom of your feet moving in an upward direction towards your upper body. Always remember to brush towards the heart because the lymphatic fluid that circulates through the body outside of the blood’s circulatory system flows in one direction towards the heart.

5. Avoid sensitive areas of the skin where you may have rashes, wounds, cuts, infections or poison ivy.

6. After brushing your skin, rinse off in the shower, and alternate temperatures from warm to cool water, this will further boost and stimulate blood circulation.

7. Finish off by lightly patting the skin with a towel and massage nourishing and moisturizing oils that absorb quickly into the skin such as almond, jojoba, emu or rose moscata oil or any good body lotion that contains no parraffins. I recommend using African Royale Hot Six Hair Oil its actually six oils in one and can be used on your scalp, hair, body and nails not to mention you can pick it up at your local drugstore.

8. Remember to clean your dry brush using soap and water once a week and hang dry to prevent mildew.

Let the brushing begin!

Have you tried dry brushing? Let me know your thoughts below!


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2 responses to “Spruce Up Your Skin”

  1. Alia says :

    I’m a big fan of dry brushing. I brush my skin each morning before I shower. I like it so much that I blogged about it a few months ago! http://wp.me/p1BAZi-4J
    Thank you for all the great information!

    • Adrianna says :

      Hey Alia, thanks for commenting and following! I’m glad that this really works for you, gives me an insight in to what I have to look forward too!

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