World’s First ‘Edible’ Cookbook

German design agency Korefe has created the first edible cookbook that you can read (if you can read German that is), cook and eat!

This innovative approach transcends the essence of a cookbook by reinventing the experience of cooking altogether. It creates a fun experience where readers are guided through the process of cooking up a classic lasagne where the cookbook plays an essential part as one of the main ingredients. The pages themselves are made from fresh pasta and are used as sheets in the lasagne itself, once you pop it in the oven there is no turning back! Out “hopefully” comes a fully cooked, edible lasagne cookbook, hopefully readers will remember the recipe 😉

‘The Real Cookbook’ is a special edition from the Gerstenberg Publishing House, specialists in high-quality culinary and art books. As far as availability it is to my understanding that no supermarkets or book stores will be selling this however they definitely should consider it! Wonder what other fun recipes we would be able to cook up!


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3 responses to “World’s First ‘Edible’ Cookbook”

  1. Belinda Maria Gonzalez says :

    How Fantastic!! So unique!

  2. Michael says :

    This looks terrific!

  3. Adrianna says :

    I wouldn’t mind eating a page from this book 😉

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