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“Hungry Eyes” By Burger King

The latest Burger King ad campaign in the Netherlands is quite a departure from the more traditional burger and bun ads that we are used to seeing. An unknown makeup artist was hired to create the striking hamburger inspired eyeshadow combo.

The campaign is definitely memorable and reminds me of the “Hungry Eyes” song for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, the question is will these types of ads garner more hamburger enthusiasts? Typically most women who take care of their figures attempt to stay away from this sort of junk food, so this begs to question who exactly is this campaign aimed at?

Nonetheless it will be interesting to see if this kicks of an eyeshadow trend and give the latest nail art craze a run for its money.


Spot the Artist! Cecilia Paredes Master of Disguise

Like most artists, Cecilia Paredes tends to get lost in her work… in this case most literally. The Peruvian artist uses her body as a canvas by applying body paint to camouflage herself into a series of vibrant, intricate wallpaper designs.

With the aid of assistants, Paredes meticulously paints an disguises her own body to allow her to fit seamlessly into each of her portraits. Paredes explains her technique as a way of making herself part of the landscape ïn a quest of belonging.

“The theme behind all is re-location after displacement and migration and how one has to adjust in order to belong. Tough it is, but it has to be done, without forgetting our origin.

Makeover for Sephora’s Dress Code

CDFA winner Prabal Gurung is the designer behind the beauty retail chain Sephora’s new uniforms for in-store beauty advisors. The current uniform has been in use since 2001 and finally in late April, employees eagerly begin wearing their stylish uniform.

“The beauty advisors work so hard to make their clients look and feel good. I was ecstatic with the opportunity to make them look just as amazing,” Gurung said at the unveiling of the garments in New York City. “I incorporated some of my favorite design elements into the uniforms, and although I won’t get to personally meet every individual advisor, it’s exciting to think they’ll be getting to know me by wearing these outfits.”

Gurung designed within Sephora’s existing color palette of red and black and delivered a chic yet functional shift dress with a vibrant panel of red as well as a fitted pant suit for women and sleek tailored separates for men.