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Comfy Cozy Sweater Goodness

So Boston saw some snow the other day and I figured its time to start cracking out the thermals and sweaters in addition to dedicating a well deserved blog post to a winter necessity! Especially if you are like me who has to begrudgingly endure winter weather (I’m a summer lover at heart).

comfy_nalaNala sponsors this post and is a big fan of making herself comfy anywhere…

Check out some cozy comforts that can not only help you get through these next few months but you can look chic and stylish at the same time!

1. 2B Braid Front Metallic Sweater – $34.95
2. BeBe Cable Cowl Neck Batwing Sweater – $98
3. 2B Button Front Car Coat – $29.95
4. Anthropologie Velveteen Cowlneck Poncho – $148
5. 2B Metallic Belted Tunic – $29.95
6. Arden B Hand Knit Marilyn Sweater – $35.40
7. J.Crew Giant bow sweater – $98
8. J.Crew Lambswool diamond sweater – $89.50
9. Arden B Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Sweater – $35.40
10. Arden B Twisted Ribbed Sweater Tunic – $35.40
11. J.Crew Fair Isle ski sweater – $148
12. 2B Colorblock Cowl Sweater – $24.95
13. Vila Cable Knitted Dress – $43.98
14. NW3 Embroidered Yoke Jumper – $121.37
15. ASOS Graphic Jumper Dress – $66.84
16. Bellfield Riding Jumper – $79.16


Introducing our Fur-Baby Nala!

Meet Nala! She is the real boss around here 😉
nala02She is truly our fur-baby! Nala was born on April 4th, 2011 (Anniversary of the day Beyonce & Jay-z got married—yes i am a HUGE fan of Beyonce in case you didn’t know ;)). I found Nala one night as I was browsing online and just had to bring her home, I called the shelter and at first we were told she had been adopted and my heart just sank.

However we some how got lucky and we were told we could go pick her up in New Hampshire where she was staying at a foster home! We didn’t think twice! Nala (formally known as Jill) was promptly picked up after us having only just moved into our apartment that very day.

nala03Fun fur baby fact! Nala absolutely adores water! She actually anticipates us having our daily showers and sits on the ledge (between the shower curtain and protector) to watch the water! Some may think she is a peeping tom but I think she just loves water 😛 Another not so fun water related fact is that you CAN NOT whatsoever leave a glass full of water on the table, she is bound to knock it over and watch the water splash everywhere. She has broken at least 20 glasses and I kid you not, she just added another to the toll this very night! Other than that she is so lovable and from time to time she will show up on here 😉