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Jewellery Storage Ideas

Love jewellery? I’m right there with you, my mum has always called me a magpie because I’m attracted to shiny objects, so its of no surprise to her that I love glitzy, glamourous jewellery. Its important to keep these precious pieces organized and minimizing the risk of misplacing them, below are (perhaps) some unconventional methods for storing your jewellery collection.

Picture Frames

Using a decorative, ornate picture frame as an earring display is a unique and artistic way to showcase your collection. I personally see Jewellery as a work or art so why not display them in that manner? Not to mention it creates an easy way to remember what you actually own.

Check out this fabulous DIY guide on how to transform a picture frame into a jewellery display OR if DIY isn’t really your thing there are plenty of organizer frames on etsy such as the one above that you can find here.

Cake Stands

Repurpose cake stands and pedestals to create an elegant display of your jewellery, have fun with it!

This is ideal for bracelets, rings and delicate earrings. Dedicate each tier to a specific type of accessory in order to stay extra organized as well as creating a fabulously alluring table top organizer.

Paper towel holders

Allison over at The Adventures of VAMH had a simple yet fantastic solution to organizing her bracelets. Visit your local target or Tjmaxx for a paper towel holder and repurpose it as a chic way of displaying your bracelets.

Cheap and cheerful as well as a way to keep your collection organized! Worried that you can see exactly what it is? Not to worry if you build yourself a sizable collection, soon enough you’ll have enough of them to disguise the paper towel holder.

Decorative Plates

I’m always spotting beautiful unique plates at stores like tjmaxx, ones that often times are just too beautiful to eat off of. Instead you can use it as a stylish way to display your most worn pieces.

Recently I picked up a stunning plate from tjmaxx for only $7! It now sits pretty on my vanity table holding all my beauty products that I use most often. Its a great way to keep things grouped and it also jazzes up any surface.

Soap Dishes

They range from elegant to quirky, use this to your advantage to not only spruce up your table top but also repurpose it as a jewellery holder. Its an inexpensive method to keeping your jewellery organized as well as the fact that its a great space saver!

Jewellery stands

Recently I’ve noticed that Urban Outfitters have some great storage displays that are perfect for keeping your jewellery organized, below are a few that caught my eye.

Spinning Ribbon Stand & Antique Candle Stick Stand


Spinning Bird Stand & A Tree Grows Stand

Spinning Keys Stand & Love Bunnies Ring Holder


Best Style Moments of 2011

Beyonce’s Baby Bump Reveal

Beyonce made the big unveil during her entrance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards while wearing a spectacular one-shouldered Lanvin gown in Pantone’s Tangerine Tango 2012 Color of the Year shade. The mum-to-be was seen clutching her belly lovingly displaying “the love that’s growing inside of me.” A line she later belted out during her performance of “Love On Top” while wearing a sequined purple Dolce & Gabbana tux.

The Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011 was the day that over 2 billion people tuned in worldwide to watch the nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton take place. The event itself was a spectacular masterpiece however it was the custom made creation by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen that the bride emerged in that was all the talk. The dress will be forever etched into the memories of millions and has become a part of fashion history.


H&M Teamed Up With Versace

H&M and Versace recently teamed up to release a capsule collection featuring the label’s classic style that has been reinterpreted through stunning prints, intricately studded leather pieces, silk dresses, costume jewellery and more. The collection was priced within an affordable price range in comparison to what the label usually charges for their pieces. This explains the eBay bidding wars that ensued as well as the reasoning behind how the collection sold out almost instantaneously nationwide.

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

The world lost screen legend Elizabeth Taylor earlier this year on March 23rd, when she passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 79. Taylor’s belongings were recently itemized and categorized into a collection that was presented for auction at Christie’s. Hundreds of items ended up selling at sky high prices with bidding wars ensuing for the late two-time oscar winner’s prized possessions including vast amounts of jewellery that Taylor had amassed through out the years.

The Kardashian Wedding

Kim Kardashian married for the second time round, this time to NBA star Kris Humphries on August 20th, 2011. However the fairytale was not meant to be and Kim filed for divorce 72 days after the big day… The socialite was seen wearing not one Vera Wang wedding dress but three for the big day. For the main event and walk down the aisle she wore an ivory ballgown with a full tulle skirt.




Alexander McQueen

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York recently housed an exhibition dedicated to the late British designer Alexander McQueen. The exhibition, entitled “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty,” included over 100 pieces from McQueen’s archives. The exhibition spanned his entire post-graduate collection in 1992 to his last collection entitled Angels & Demons. The exhibition drew 661,509 visitors, making it the 8th biggest show on record at the Met.

Emma Watson Ends Harry Potter On Top!

2011 said goodbye to the Harry Potter film franchise and Emma Watson for one made sure to go out with a bang! The actress who made her name through the franchise took to red carpets and press events to promote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Banishing her familiar style, Watson rocked a series of dramatic designer looks from the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Rafael Lopez and Bottega Veneta as well as a sleek, chic cropped do in comparison to her long tresses that she became known for.

Owl Obsession

Today is my last post before I head to Germany for the holidays, I will attempt to update while there and share some of my adventures however meanwhile on to the next post:

Okay so is it just me or is there a current “Owl Obsession” trend going on lately? Seems whenever I go window shopping or browse stores online the cute little things keep popping up! Overall I think owls are beautiful creatures, they have unique proportions and are absolutely adorable especially during their infant stage! (lets face it most animals are cute, fluffy and cuddly when they are that young 😉 Take a quick look at the video below to see my point.

Check out the owl craze at Urban Outfitters that I encountered the other day:

In order to further prove my suspicions of the owl mania we are living in, I figured I’d select some items I thought were unique and share! Hope you enjoy my selections!

Mini Owl Figure USB Drive – $35
Kate Spade Owl Coin Purse$95 (Sold Out Sorry!)

Owl Earflap Hat, Diaper Cover Newborn Size – $45
Gold Sugar Owl Screen Printed Black Tote Bag – $16

Crochet Owl RugCurrently Sold Out (could contact seller)
The Owl of Ring$16

Owl Clean Show Curtain Rings $14.99
Owl Towel Ring
– $24

2012 Illustrated Owl Calendar $21
Owl Earring Holder

Custom Mini Plush Owl Toy– $11
Little Owl Fingerless Gloves