Sherlock Holmes Style: Modernized

I’m a huge movie buff, therefore there is no surprise that I’m eagerly awaiting the latest installment of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows by director Guy Ritchie. In honor of the upcoming release I thought it would be rather fitting to dedicate my second post to it. While browsing I found some lovely pieces that could be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe or jewellery collection. The movie served more as a source of inspiration as opposed to a direct translation. Some of these pieces could be used in combination with one another but would most likely work best as their own center pieces to a single outfit. Let me know your thoughts!

Here is a round up of where you can get these items from:

1. Cambridge Collar Necklace –  $16.00

2. High Column Pleated Pants – $49.00

3. Evelyn Mae Creations Tiny Magnifying Glass Charm Necklace – $10.00

4. L.A.M.B Tweed Bustier – $74

5. Forever21 Embellished Tear Drop Earrings – $4.80

6. NW3 by Hobbs Rye Short Plaid Jacket With Faux Leather Trim – $243.61

7. N.Y.L.A Itheil Bootie – $119.95

8. Arden B Shawl Collar Charm Tunic – $54


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3 responses to “Sherlock Holmes Style: Modernized”

  1. Larie (@eyeheartit) says :

    I love this collage! The boots are hot, seriously hot!

  2. madebymessak says :

    love necklace number one! XX

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