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Jewellery Storage Ideas

Love jewellery? I’m right there with you, my mum has always called me a magpie because I’m attracted to shiny objects, so its of no surprise to her that I love glitzy, glamourous jewellery. Its important to keep these precious pieces organized and minimizing the risk of misplacing them, below are (perhaps) some unconventional methods for storing your jewellery collection.

Picture Frames

Using a decorative, ornate picture frame as an earring display is a unique and artistic way to showcase your collection. I personally see Jewellery as a work or art so why not display them in that manner? Not to mention it creates an easy way to remember what you actually own.

Check out this fabulous DIY guide on how to transform a picture frame into a jewellery display OR if DIY isn’t really your thing there are plenty of organizer frames on etsy such as the one above that you can find here.

Cake Stands

Repurpose cake stands and pedestals to create an elegant display of your jewellery, have fun with it!

This is ideal for bracelets, rings and delicate earrings. Dedicate each tier to a specific type of accessory in order to stay extra organized as well as creating a fabulously alluring table top organizer.

Paper towel holders

Allison over at The Adventures of VAMH had a simple yet fantastic solution to organizing her bracelets. Visit your local target or Tjmaxx for a paper towel holder and repurpose it as a chic way of displaying your bracelets.

Cheap and cheerful as well as a way to keep your collection organized! Worried that you can see exactly what it is? Not to worry if you build yourself a sizable collection, soon enough you’ll have enough of them to disguise the paper towel holder.

Decorative Plates

I’m always spotting beautiful unique plates at stores like tjmaxx, ones that often times are just too beautiful to eat off of. Instead you can use it as a stylish way to display your most worn pieces.

Recently I picked up a stunning plate from tjmaxx for only $7! It now sits pretty on my vanity table holding all my beauty products that I use most often. Its a great way to keep things grouped and it also jazzes up any surface.

Soap Dishes

They range from elegant to quirky, use this to your advantage to not only spruce up your table top but also repurpose it as a jewellery holder. Its an inexpensive method to keeping your jewellery organized as well as the fact that its a great space saver!

Jewellery stands

Recently I’ve noticed that Urban Outfitters have some great storage displays that are perfect for keeping your jewellery organized, below are a few that caught my eye.

Spinning Ribbon Stand & Antique Candle Stick Stand


Spinning Bird Stand & A Tree Grows Stand

Spinning Keys Stand & Love Bunnies Ring Holder


Owl Obsession

Today is my last post before I head to Germany for the holidays, I will attempt to update while there and share some of my adventures however meanwhile on to the next post:

Okay so is it just me or is there a current “Owl Obsession” trend going on lately? Seems whenever I go window shopping or browse stores online the cute little things keep popping up! Overall I think owls are beautiful creatures, they have unique proportions and are absolutely adorable especially during their infant stage! (lets face it most animals are cute, fluffy and cuddly when they are that young 😉 Take a quick look at the video below to see my point.

Check out the owl craze at Urban Outfitters that I encountered the other day:

In order to further prove my suspicions of the owl mania we are living in, I figured I’d select some items I thought were unique and share! Hope you enjoy my selections!

Mini Owl Figure USB Drive – $35
Kate Spade Owl Coin Purse$95 (Sold Out Sorry!)

Owl Earflap Hat, Diaper Cover Newborn Size – $45
Gold Sugar Owl Screen Printed Black Tote Bag – $16

Crochet Owl RugCurrently Sold Out (could contact seller)
The Owl of Ring$16

Owl Clean Show Curtain Rings $14.99
Owl Towel Ring
– $24

2012 Illustrated Owl Calendar $21
Owl Earring Holder

Custom Mini Plush Owl Toy– $11
Little Owl Fingerless Gloves

Sherlock Holmes Style: Modernized

I’m a huge movie buff, therefore there is no surprise that I’m eagerly awaiting the latest installment of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows by director Guy Ritchie. In honor of the upcoming release I thought it would be rather fitting to dedicate my second post to it. While browsing I found some lovely pieces that could be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe or jewellery collection. The movie served more as a source of inspiration as opposed to a direct translation. Some of these pieces could be used in combination with one another but would most likely work best as their own center pieces to a single outfit. Let me know your thoughts!

Here is a round up of where you can get these items from:

1. Cambridge Collar Necklace –  $16.00

2. High Column Pleated Pants – $49.00

3. Evelyn Mae Creations Tiny Magnifying Glass Charm Necklace – $10.00

4. L.A.M.B Tweed Bustier – $74

5. Forever21 Embellished Tear Drop Earrings – $4.80

6. NW3 by Hobbs Rye Short Plaid Jacket With Faux Leather Trim – $243.61

7. N.Y.L.A Itheil Bootie – $119.95

8. Arden B Shawl Collar Charm Tunic – $54

Welcome to Adornation!

Welcome to Adornation, the culmination of all things fashion, makeup and accessories. For the longest time I’ve had a distinct passion for each of these topics as well as writing and it has finally come to fruition by starting this space which will serve as my own contribution to the blogosphere! If you would like to find out more about me or contact me feel free to check out the About Page.

Getting right down to business with my first official post by opening with the late Elizabeth Taylor’s collection of belongings. The excitement and buzz that the Elizabeth Taylor auction at Christie’s has amassed is to be expected, with hundreds of items up for auction with the jewellery collection valued at $150 million alone. Below are some of my favorite pieces, click to browse or join the online auctioning of the legendary star’s belongings.